Event Lighting

Lighting is one of the key ingredients that we use to create the events you see on our web site, the correct lighting techniques are what really adds the magic to a room. It is very much an art rather than a science and is one of the most difficult things to describe but it one of the best ingredients you can use to create the wow factor.

We take the elements used on large scale events with huge budgets and scale these down into affordable pieces that work for the smaller events. We include the basics such as up lighting and wash lighting into many of our packages as standard.

We have our own large stock of moving lights, profiles, par cans and effect lights such as flames and mirrors balls.
Please drop us a line to discuss your event and talk about how lighting can play a key role.


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One of the key ingredients to any successful event is lighting. Walls and rooms can be washed in colour, entrances/arches/pillars spot lighted and draped.
Event lighting can transform rooms, creating texture, mood and ambience.



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Gobos can be used to personalise your event. Why not try adding a New York sky line to the room or snow flakes to add that something extra to your winter wonderland party?



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