Get the team together by hosting your very own outdoor event.

There's no denying that COVID has had a big impact on getting everyone together and celebrating your achievements and successes, and with restrictions lifting across Wales, this summer is the perfect time to get together again and host your very own outdoor event. 

Wow Event Hire Outdoor Events 4 

Wow always worked on outdoor events, and now more than ever we are ready and able to work with you to design and plan the ultimate outdoor party. 

We have recently been working with our customers to build COVID safe events, that isn't light on the fun. Be it something casual like an outdoor BBQ, or something more structured like a corporate team-building and activity day. 



With our years of experience in planning events for our customers, we have built up a list of connections that allows us to help deliver large scale events with each. So if you are looking to host an event, and want to add street food, circus entertainment, team building, live music, whatever atmosphere you are looking to create, we can help you. 

We can also help you plan any of the technical and logistical elements too, such as site power, toilets and health and safety awareness and documentation that may be needed for the event in today's COVID aware events.

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