Which Marquee do I need?



Are you planning a party or wedding in your garden or a field? We have a handy guide to help you if you are looking to hire a marquee for your event. There are many different types of a marquee, each coming with different costs and suitable for different purposes, so here is our step by step guide to what’s available to you and what they are best suited for.

Wow Event Hire works with a wide range of suppliers that specialise in setting up marquees hire in and around Newport. If this is your first time thinking of hiring a marquee, then why not take a quick look at our guide. 

We are always happy to chat to people about their events, and if you have any questions about hiring a marquee, feel free to get in contact with us any time.

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Clear Span Marquee

Clear-span marquees are the most widely used and industry-standard style of marquee used for many different types of events around the world. Introduced over 30 years ago they replaced the traditional poles and guide ropes style used for thousands of years by nomads in Asia.

Clear-span marquees are built using an aluminium frame design which doesn’t require any central poles or ropes to hold up the roof overhead. This allows for flexibility and set up on hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt rather than having to dig into the ground or grass. This style of marquee incredibly flexible and can be extended to virtually any size you want in 3m increments. If you are looking to hire a marquee for a wedding or event and want it to look smart and professional, this is the best-suited option.


Traditional Pole Marquee

Traditional pole marquees are a design that’s been around for thousands of years, if you think of a Beduin tent, Tipi or Circus Big Top they all follow a similar design of using poles and fabric/skins to build a large tent. These poles and fabrics are then stretched and weighted to the ground by ropes/pullies to create tension, holding the marquee together. 

There is something enchanting and almost nostalgic about being in a tent for your special day,  and these are widely used at music festivals and parties the world over and add a certain old-world charm. 

 However, these style of tents isn't very flexible as they tend to come in fixed sizes can’t be joined together in the same way a Clear Span Marquee can. They are also very labour intensive and not as structurally robust in heavy winds or rain so are out of favour for a lot of occasions.

However, with the growing trend of festivals and people holding festival-inspired parties and weddings they have come back in fashion and offer real charm to any function.


Nordic or Native American style tipis have been one of the most in-demand wedding tents in recent years. We absolutely love this style of tent for a wedding, as it brings a unique experience to the style and decor of any wedding. This type of tent is lovely for your wedding, but isn't suitable for accomodating large numbers over 120 and needs to has to be set up on grass.  

Stretch tents 

Are you looking for something cool and modern? Then this might very well be what you are looking for! Stretch tents are a popular choice at events for things like hosting VIP bars at festivals and product launches. 

They are built in a similar fashion to the Big top and Tipi, the fabric is staked into the group and then poles are used to raise and stretch the fabric to create the roof covering. 

These can be set up within a few hours and always look charming in any setting due to the mixture of modern and classic design, so are a perfect fit for pretty much any wedding or party.